How to start a fire with household items!

During times of natural disasters help is not always immediately available. Mobilizing large scale disaster relief is a daunting task. You may be left to fend for your self for days, even weeks right after a hurricane, large scale fire, earthquake, flood or other natural disasters. One of the most important things when in this situation is how to deal with getting clean water, and food. Fire is an almost necessary provision in this circumstance. Matches, lighters, and other flame producing devices may not be readily available. Some ideas for starting a fire.

1. A small dry twig soaked in gasoline- soak one end of a twig in gasoline for a couple of hours and then light it with the igniter on you grill. Gasoline can be found in weed eater, lawn mowers, boat motors, tractors, vehicles. Igniters can be found on grill, gas water heaters, gas fireplaces. Also a 12 volt battery and jumper cables make a nice spark.

2. Starting a fire is easy with lint from your dryer and a sparking device. The spark needs to be more substantial then an igniter designed for grills and such. Look toward car batteries, and jumper cables, or Flint and steel. This is also great to start with matches that are designed to be weather resistent.

3. Cotton balls, petroleum jelly, and a spark. Coating a cotton ball with petroleum jelly, then fluffing it out will quickly go to flame with a light spark.

4. Steel wool and a nine volt battery- we are all familiar with how a light bulb works. Electrical current through a strand of fine wire heats up to glowing and produces light. Rubbing a 9 volt battery into the steel wool creates heat in the wool. Blowing into the heated section of wool will quickly bring flame.


These are some good examples of how to create flame for building a fire quickly and efficiently with some simple household items. Building fire increases your chances of survival exponentially. Purifying water and cooking food is a must in any survival situation. Please check back with me later for more clever ideas!


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