The power of HELLO

In almost any survival situation your odds increase exponentially if you have two. The psychology of not being alone is enough by it’s self to save your life. Very few people function without human interaction. Relationships are the fundamental that forms communities. Every animal on the planet develops relationships. People however develop intricate relationships of codependency.  It all begins somewhere.

It all starts with a simple word, every relationship human endear start with one simple word “hello”! This is a basis for building and developing a intricate system of emotional attachments and dependency which exist in every level of relationship. This is block One for building, the base of all things to come.

The question we all ask our self is what is life’s objective? It has been argued that the objective of each of us is always going to be different but I offer an alternate solution and say that the objective of us all is the same. Here is where a simple statement makes so much sense. Life’s objective for all living things is to Live. Now with animals more then people this is a very basic pursuit, however humans objective for life is a little more complex. We need to Truly Live. Now there’s a concept. what is truly live? To embrace and enjoy our existence, to experience wonderful and happy memories. This happens more commonly when experiences are shared. Relationships built on a fundamental base help people truly live. We wild the word hello everyday and we do not truly understand the power that this word has on our existence. In some way this word is the beginning of every single relationship we have. I know what your thinking, what about a child born to a mother, a relationship not founded on a casual meeting. But how did the child come into being? The fundamental meeting of a man and a woman. This is still the product is a built relationship. The word hello is a dynamic word that engulfs our future and shapes our being. What a powerful word. The kicker is the answer was always there and we somehow missed it. This is what the word hello means in a nut shell.

  • H-help
  • E-everyone
  • L-learn
  • L-life’s
  • O- objective

By meeting and using this little word we are helping everyone achieve the true objective of life. To truly live with shared memories and companionship. Go wild the power now!


One thought on “The power of HELLO”

  1. I scatter that word with wild abandon! If I’m standing in line at the grocery store, I always make a point to say hello and smile. Sometimes it makes the person’s day! You never know the effect a little human contact can have on another. Nice piece. Well done. 🙂

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