Understanding the Hydrological Cycle

Everyone got this lesson in school. My Third grader can teach the cycle to about anyone. Just in case you are not familiar this is the cycle of water. There are six phases to this cycle.

Precipitation, evaporation, condensation, transpiration, runoff

Now I know your dying to ask me why is a third grade science lesson our topic today? Well simply put using this concept can save your life when clean water is not readily available. Let’s talk for a few minutes about filtration. The earth naturally filters water in a couple of ways.

1. By using the ground- as water filters thru layers of soil, sediment, and rock you end up with clean purified water.

2. By solar evaporation- the Ray’s of sunshine heat water to a vapor leaving behind most particulates.

How does this help you ask? Well it gives us two ways to create natural filtration in a scary situation.

1. Creating media filter- by using clean natural medium you can create a natural filter of earth to purify water. The stages should lay out from most dense to least dense. You can use sand, gravel, small rock, wood chips ( with caution some woods are toxic), and Charcoal from your fire.

2. Creating a solar still- ever seen moisture condensate on the lid of your McDonalds cup when your drink got left in the car. Ever notice it’s not like the drink itself but just clear water? This is the very concept I’m talking about, a transparent trash bag, some vegetation and a catch container. Easy to get that drink. Dig a hole in the dirt, place your container in the center of the hole, pack green vegetation on the outside of the container but still inside your hole and cover with clear plastic. The sun does the work and you rehydrate.

Nothing like a clean glass of water please look out for my next blog.

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