Water in a quick!

So for every person there is one crucial element that is required to establish long term survival, that is water. Remembering the rules of 3 will save you some much needed stress and help you prioritize work loads. First rule the human body can survive three minutes without air! There are always anomaly that a person can make it longer but sticking to the rules is a safe bet. Rule 2 a person can survive three days without water. This is the one we will concentrate on for this article, once the rules have been established. Rule number 3 is a person can survive three weeks without food and shelter. Obviously this depends on the environmental factors, it is the rule for all things considered.

Water sources are our primary concentration. In the event of power loss, contamination of Wells by flooding and natural disasters resulting in lack of a water source there are many ways to aquire potable drinking water. First consider indoor sources everyone has storage of water on site in their home and business, you may not even realize your storing it but at least 30 to 100 gallons are readily available at your hot water heater. This is a great source for short term survivability.
Water heater aside having a natural understanding natural science helps with breaking down water barriers.
We all know that heating water to boiling and letting water boil rapidly for several minutes kills patogens. Heating water to boiling and letting it boil rapidly also creates steam which can be harnessed as it cools to provide a great potable water source also.

Lack of fire, no problem for getting water. A piece of clear plastic and a cup used with a rock is a wonderful source of gathering water. Using transpiration to form a team still works great. Dig a hole, place a cup in the middle of the hole, surround the cup with vegetation green and leafy, cover it with the plastic and place the rock directly above the cup on top of the plastic. Having the small rock in place weighs down the plastic just enough to make a drip point on the inside, as the moisture of the vegetation is turned to vapor it rises and condensates on the plastic. As.the condensation forms drops it will run to the lowest point directly above the cup. Then once it is to heavy it drips into the cup as purified water sun distilled from nature. Creating natural filters work also. Sand is a great natural filters if used in many stages. Filling two socks each with sand and hanging one above the other is a great way to filter. Make a couple of passes before you filter just to get the fine particles out. Once you have done that catch water from under the second sock as it drips. I still recommend boiling with this method but takes most things out that could make you sick.

So many ways to get water, these are just a few outside the box thoughts. Remember when in a survival situation your only limited by your own thoughts!

Take care and enjoy!


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