Picture collage

Peaches from our homestead canned for winter cobblers10462887_847151118638162_4543881435295072987_n

Mixed berry jam fresh made with a few jars of peach jam13912387_1259575244062412_4582936388894376854_n

12213942_1088869794466292_1665954652_o.jpgtomatoes from our garden ready to be processed and canned for winter chilli and spaghetti

13876649_1259574830729120_9028032878652928836_n.jpggrapes from our vines soon made into jelly and wine

Fresh picked blackberries from our canes.13895521_1259573534062583_8802218536817613407_n

Our winter raised beds full of lettuce13882146_1259574700729133_331081171602188105_n.jpg

13892371_1259574314062505_7567721997788787303_n.jpglettuce in beds made good

13920907_1259575397395730_7957703654126390086_nour Blueberries

13938630_1259573947395875_7272382293902535352_n.jpgnope not tomatoes, sweet plums.

13882278_1259573157395954_7020156562539940145_nright out of the field to the ice box

Pepper harvest



12832532_1152915248061746_8817580425576312678_nthey do good!


Blacksmithing a knife10484561_1056915904328348_8338959681638400758_o.jpg

Making a second knife15780997_1411838582169410_7196423384450894475_n

13900233_1259573234062613_888623023464328518_nokra daily harvest

13902779_1259573097395960_9028284678222503589_nsnap beans


Not all pictures were taken this year, this is a collection of the past two years from our homestead. We are proud of our productions and strive to live a healthy wholesome lifestyle!


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