What works, what doesn’t, and why! 4-24-18

So the reason I started this blog was to help other people have a resource to look at for survival techniques and gear. Having alot of land in North Florida means alott of creatures cohabitate my area of operation. Occasionally we cross paths.
Snakes, armadillos, raccoons, black bear, deer, turkey, and various other small game, frequent my fields and woodland areas. I have at my disposal many tools for taking of game and security of the livestock and crops we grow there. I have found by far that my go to for around the farm is the Heritage Arms Rough Rider small bore revolver.
There are a couple of factors I look at when I select a firearm for carry in the field. First reliability, the worst thing that can happen is for your weapon to misfire or fail to feed at the crucial moment when it is needed the most. The Heritage Arms small bore pistol has proven wonderfully reliable. This pistol functions well with great accuracy in between cleanings with large amounts of ammo fired. Second cost efficency. With a price tag less then 200.00 this pistol which comes chambered in .22 Long rifle with the adaptability of becoming .22 magnum with just the simple changing of the revolver cylinder is versatile, reliable, and cost effective. Besides that it is made right here in the USA. You can also purchase multiple cylinders for .22 LR or .22 magnum which makes this gun easy to reload in just seconds. Im often ask how well can you hit the target, the answer is I’m very impressed with the accuracy of this pistol. It is a wonderful inexpensive addition to any outdoorsman, fisherman, farmer, or survivalist. It’s cheap to buy, cheap to shoot, incredibly accurate, decently durable, and impressivly reliable. Don’t hesitate to purchase one if your developing a bug out bag, or planning on hanging out in the great outdoors. Don’t take my word for it though get one for your self and have fun breaking it in!

Next week I’ll review some knives and tell you which one I prefer for in the field!


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