Alpha Wolf Survival

Welcome to my blog. Today is day 1 and it’s exciting to share with you.

The first step should always be introductions.

I’ll start this introduction with some information about myself. I currently operate a 35 acre homestead in North West Florida about 45 miles north east of Panama City. The geographical location is important to understand what we produce on our homestead. I am a combat veteran of OIF having formerly served in the United States Army. I’ll break down my experience a little later on. I grew up in the Panama City Area and spent a lot of my time hunting, fishing, and camping. The homestead I live on has been in my family for better than 80 years. My great grandfather homesteaded this land as a way of life. We still have his traditions on the farm and everyday life is nothing compared to what he did.

My experience comes from combination of training, military service, and education. Let’s look at that

Military Service- I spent 17 years in the Army serving a tour in Iraq. My occupation changed a couple of times while I was there but I started my career in the Infantry serving as a rifleman in a regular line unit. I became an NCO while serving in the Infantry, and I’m proud of the honor and prestige of the Infantry corps. I retrained into the ordnance corps training in munitions and explosives, this training offers real world understanding of traditional munitions and safe handling and employment of explosive devises. I was not finished with learning I later retrained again into the quartermaster corps where I specialized in water purification, understanding proper water filtration and the effects of contaminated water is important in survival scenarios.

Education- I graduated from Gulf Coast State College with a degree in Accounting. While attending I served as president of one of the honor societies. I served in Student Government and learned a lot about parlimentary procedures.

Training- growing up I was taught about fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation I spent a lot of time in the swamps around Dead Lakes, and around the Appalachicola River. I fished the Gulf of Mexico and hunted the river swamps.

I’m glad we got to share today I’m looking forward to many days of exciting blogging ahead and look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.

Thanks for Stopping By!





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